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Roman Archaeological Site Park – Finca del Secretario


The discovery and subsequent investigation of this archaeological site, is closely related to farming and the development of various public works executed between 1970 and 1988 (the new railway Fuengirola – Malaga and Fuengirola variant).

Earthworks left made visible a variety of archaeological evidence, among which could include popularly known as Venus of Fuengirola (sculpture in marble Mijas).

In 1991 new excavations were conducted in order to determine the viability of urban land. The work undertaken allow to delimit the lower area of the site, exposing an archaeological site of great interest building consists of two spaces: an industrial area and a thermal area.

These works are part of project management, protection and Exhibition site. And they have been conducted through the E.T. Finca Secretary I and S.E. Finca Secretary II.

Currently the site is integrated into a municipal public park, so it is an original space for entertainment, leisure and culture, open to residents and visitors.


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Monday to Sunday: 10:30 to 14:00 hours

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