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Beaches Fuengirola


Fuengirola has the best beaches in Spain. So the agency certifies that each summer the Blue Flags awarded to the environmental quality of European coastline and that for two consecutive years, said to Fuengirola as the only Spanish municipality with 100% of its award-winning beaches.

Seven areas of bathroom, four ensigns. This is a source of pride for residents, a guarantee for the thousands of tourists who choose us as a holiday destination and a recognition of the tireless work of the City Council in this matter.

At 400 meters from the apartment Fuengirola Holidays

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Waterpark Mijas


Mijas Water Park offers fun for everyone, with all kinds of attractions from water slides, children’s pool, lizards island, Kamikaze, Rio Grande River Adventure, Maze, Soft Tennis, Jacuzzi etc.
We also have a wide range of services, hammocks, a cloakroom, safety deposit boxes. In cafeteria and subtraction. ice cream, soft drinks, juices, our super Yupanqui menu plus a variety of salads and dishes and of course take any gift or souvenir of Mijas Water Park.

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Roman Archaeological Site Park – Finca del Secretario


The discovery and subsequent investigation of this archaeological site, is closely related to farming and the development of various public works executed between 1970 and 1988 (the new railway Fuengirola – Malaga and Fuengirola variant).

Earthworks left made visible a variety of archaeological evidence, among which could include popularly known as Venus of Fuengirola (sculpture in marble Mijas).

In 1991 new excavations were conducted in order to determine the viability of urban land. The work undertaken allow to delimit the lower area of the site, exposing an archaeological site of great interest building consists of two spaces: an industrial area and a thermal area.

These works are part of project management, protection and Exhibition site. And they have been conducted through the E.T. Finca Secretary I and S.E. Finca Secretary II.

Currently the site is integrated into a municipal public park, so it is an original space for entertainment, leisure and culture, open to residents and visitors.


952 11 31 27


Monday to Sunday: 10:30 to 14:00 hours

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Castle Sohail


Sohail Castle is located in full mouth of the River Fuengirola, on a small isolated hill 38 meters above sea level and next to the motorway on the Costa del Sol rises. This circumstance makes it a privileged viewpoint a wide coastal strip dominated by the Sierra de Mijas and in the town of Fuengirola is inscribed.
The magnificent geographical conditions of this place allowed, since ancient times, the continued settlement of its slopes by Punic and Roman. On the ruins of their settlements are built, and in Caliphate, a first -perhaps one almenara- tower enclave remaining few archaeological and documentary data. Later, in the twelfth century, the Almoravids up a defensive enclosure of irregular plant, adapting to the uneven terrain.

In 1485 Sohail Castle is occupied by the Christian army in full offensive against the Moorish kingdom of Granada. From that moment the military compound enter into an inevitable process of readjustment of its architecture that will nearing its present appearance.

A few years later the castle lost its military function proceeding to his public auction. The transition to civilian hands puts it in a period of abandonment that will not be interrupted until the second half of the twentieth century.

Rehabilitation works have enabled Sohail Castle is recovered as a meeting of Fuengiroleños with its history and as a space where you can celebrate various cultural events such as the renowned Festival City of Fuengirola, the Medieval Market or the Feast Beer.


Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 14:00 h.

Closed Monday.


Free entrance.

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Visit Fuengirola Zoo (Bioparc Fuengirola)


How do you go from the apartment?


Nature at open! well defined on the website of Bioparc Fuengirola.

Have you visited this zoo? Visit is like stepping into a true ecosystem where vegetation and water elements are constant.
If you are traveling with children and have seen the movie Madagascar with them, you know that there are glad the Lemur fun this year also have had triplets.

Once you get into the Zoo it is like stepping into tropical forests. You go over places such as Madagascar, Equatorial Africa and Southeast Asia. Park facilities Bioparc in Fuengirola championed a new model of zoo based on respect for nature and the preservation of their species, a model that has become a benchmark in Europe.
The whole park is designed to envelop him who wanders into a recreation of habitat from which the animals.

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